Fix wrong axis when make toolpath on ArtCam using for NCStudio

Easy step and problem will fix.
Find location C:\Program Files (x86)\ArtCAM 2008\postp (if you using 64bit windows)
or C:\Program Files\ArtCAM 2008\postp (if you using 32bit windows)
or wherever you install ArtCam and find postp folder.

Find this file "axyz.con" in postp folder.
Create back up of this file. axyz.con.back or something you can remember.
Open axyz.con

look above this file:

START = "%"
START = ":1248"
START = "[N]G91G28X0Y0Z0"
START = "[N]G40G17G80G49"
START = "[N]T1M6"
START = "[N]G90G54"
START = "[N]G43[ZH]H1"
START = "[N]G0[XH][YH][S]M3"
; Program moves
RAPID_RATE_MOVE        = "[N]G0[X][Y][Z]"
FEED_RATE_MOVE         = "[N][X][Y][Z]"
; End of file
END = "[N]G28G91Z0"
END = "[N]G49H0"
END = "[N]G28X0Y0"
END = "[N]M30"

you must delete the red line . save it and that it! :)
back to ArtCam and make a toolpath problem fixed!
Hope this help.
any question just leave here!
Video tutorial here: