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Monday, September 11, 2017

Z3X FRP Google Account Unlock Removal:Galaxy S6 Sprint G920P G920PVPU4DQC7 7.0 Nougat

Hello guys! This is how to FRP Googgle Account Unlock Removal using the Z3X on a Samsung Galaxy S6 for Sprint SM-G920P with G920PVPU4DQC7 7.0 Nougat Android Version (For Bigginers/Newbies):

1. First Download and unzip these files: " FRP_ENG_SBOOT_G920PVPU4API2.zip " and "G920PVPS4CPI3 6.0.1"

2. Downgrade your G920PVPU4DQC7 7.0 Nougat to G920PVPS4CPI3 Marshmallows 6.0.1: Put the phone into "Download Mode" and flash the phone with G920PVPS4CPI3_SPT4CPI3_SPR_Sprint_USA_6.0.1 using ODIN "AP" slot. 

3. After the downgrade and to activate the ADB on your phone, you need to put the phone back into "Download Mode" again. Flash the "ENG_SBOOT_G920PVPU4API2.tar" using ODIN "AP" or "BL" slot. The phone will get stock on the initial "Samsung S6" screen.

4. Put the phone into "Download Mode" again but this time, connect the phone to your computer. Open your Z3X BOX Samsung Tool PRO V28.1 software, Select the G920P Model, Go to the "Backup" tap and select the "COM" port. Then go to "Unlock" tap and click on the "Reset FRP/React/EE"
and wait until the Z3X Box does its magic :

Operation: Reset FRP/React/EE
Selected model: SM-G920P
Software version: 28.1
Searching Samsung USB Flash interface... COM10 detected
Setup connection... Ok
Reading PIT from phone... Ok
Searching FRP lock... Ok
Erasing FRP lock... Ok
Reset done
For complete reset FRP, goto 'Backup and reset' and make 'Factory data reset'
Done with Samsung Tool PRO v.28.1

5. The phone will get stock again in the same "Samsung S6" logo screen. So, put the phone into "Download Mode" again and this time flash the "STOCK_SBOOT_G920PVPS4CPI3.tar" file included in the folder using ODIN "AP" or "BL" slot.

6. The phone should get to the home screen (If not, flash the whole G920PVPS4CPI3_SPT4CPI3_SPR_Sprint_USA_6.0.1 firmware again). When the phone goes to home screen, go to "Settings", then to "Backup and Reset" and then press "Factory Reset". The phone will factory reset itself and the FRP lock should be removed.

7. To upgrade back to G920PVPU4DQC7 7.0 Nougat, download and unzip the G920PVPU4DQC7 7.0 Nougat.zip . Put the phone into "Download Mode", and flash the G920PVPU4DQC7 file using ODIN "AP" slot. After the flashing, the phone should be able to boot to Nougat 7.0 CLEAN and CLEAR!


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