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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Bypass google account Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 (A710FD)

Hi, I I'm Yen and today I will show you how to solve your problem with SamSung A7.

You can read this for bypass all samsung model this link
OK. now your SamSung stuck with this :
and you can't remember your google account in this you can unlock this.
Part 1: Find the way to run google search.
First, you must enter some letter in Text Box "Enter your email", next select all letter and hold touch in this, you will see:
select on three dot ...
choose ASSIST
if you lucky google search will show up. end this part here, go to another part.
if nothing happend, on the phone back to wifi  screen
find Add Network, do the same on "Verify your account" screen.
you will see Google search icon (if not, you must using odin to flash old firmware and it will show up).

select Google Search icon, type "chr" and choose Chrome
this step you must find link to download file FRP bypass apk for install and run it, you go to my blog and touch menu to see apk bypass link
download Android_6_GAM.apk and FRP_Bypass.apk, run Android_6_GAM first and FRP_Bypass after you will see

choose Brower sign-in
now you can enter every google account you have. after process power off the phone and turn on again and you almost done!
you can use your phone now.

Hopy this help! :)

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