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Friday, July 14, 2017

Bypass google account all SamSung model solution

Synthetic method to bypass SamSung smartphone

Simple method no need cable
First, you must connect your phone to wifi.
Second, do all the way to get Google search:

- Some way to get google search on Samsung smartphone when it stuck in google account.
+ Enter some letters in textbox and hold on it,the menu will show with some functions.

-Some place to get internet explorer - or chrome
+ In  Add Network textbox
+ Every text in screen maybe you can find it for yourself.

Need cable and computer
- Install Sidesyne on computre - Connect cable to your phone, if you lucky phone screen will show:

for now, you can use chrome or internet explore download FRP apk for bypass.
But, if you can't open apk file,  just  disconect cable and reconect cable and choose Galaxy Apps, now you need  a samsung account for download a explore to open apk to bypass.

see image and you will know what to do
this link bellow to get apk bypass :

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